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Our Large Processing Equipment

We currently have a lot of processing equipment that other peers do not have, such as large tempering furnace, shot blasting machine, etc

Tempering Furnace

The tempering process of the frame can effectively eliminate the welding internal stress and ensure the long-term accuracy of the frame.

Shot Blasting Machine

When the shot blasting machine works, there will be high-speed projectile bundles, strong impact force and friction force, which can knock out the stubborn oxide layer and rust layer.

At the same time, the fatigue life of the parts is reduced, the surface stress is increased, and the strength of the parts is increased.


Five Axis Machining Center

The frame is formed by one clamping process in the machining center, which guarantees the parallelism and verticality of each mounting surface.

Large Floor Boring & Milling Machine

It mainly processes large and super-large parts with various profiles. Its technological feature is that it is equipped with large floor-type platform (worktable size is unlimited) and can process super-long and super-wide parts.

At the same time, it can also be equipped with rotary worktable, i.e. it can perform rotary indexing as well as radial straight movement. Through indexing, the multi-sequence machining of parts can be completed, which greatly improves the process range.


Horizontal Milling Machine

High braking torque, quick stop, reliable.Base, body, work table, mid-slide, lifting slide, spindle box and other main components are cast with high-strength materials and are treated with manual aging to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool.

Gantry Machining Center

As a result, the utilization rate of cutting time of machine tool is 3-4 times higher than that of common machine tool, which improves the productivity, especially for workpieces with complex machining shapes and complicated variety replacement periods.


Milling Machine

Accurate point position, good feed control

Radial Drill

It is easy to operate, flexible, wide range of application, typical, especially suitable for single or batch production of large parts with holes


Flame Cutting Machine

Using the flame heat energy of combustible gas and oxygen mixed combustion to preheat the cutting part of the workpiece to a certain temperature, the high-speed cutting oxygen flow is ejected to make the metal oxidize violently and release heat, and the cutting oxygen flow is used to blow off the molten metal oxide to realize the cutting method.

Paint House

First of all, spray painting needs to find a suitable environment, which needs to be carried out in a clean, ventilated and dry environment. After the necessary tools and environment are prepared, the surface of the painting equipment should be kept clean and free from other substances, oil, dust, etc., otherwise the painting effect will be seriously affected. The paint house meets these requirements.

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