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In the fierce market competition, ADH can achieve steady development by taking the market as the guidance, quality as the life and technological innovation as the support. At the same time of studying the market, we should not forget to pay attention to the quality, and use continuous capital investment to ensure the successful implementation of the technical transformation project, so as to improve the product quality and expand the market share. Win the market with product quality.

Our factory advocates the idea of quality first. Taking quality as the magic weapon to win in the market, we have formulated strict quality control measures. Starting from the raw materials entering the factory, we have implemented the level by level control system, and the product quality has been steadily improved for many years. We strive to take the national industrial policy as the guidance, pay close attention to and deepen the new thinking, new development and new trend of machine tool development industry. Stand in the forefront of the times, feel the pulse of the market, based on existing products, expand vision, conduct in-depth research, increase investment, and develop a new road suitable for the development of China’s construction cause. Our company has beautiful environment, good production conditions, strong technical force and huge market potential.

We warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen and guests to conduct economic or technological exchanges and cooperation, and join hands to establish a win-win cooperation.

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