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Interest View

Customer benefits are preferred. Satisfying the interests of customers is the prerequisite for the sustainable development of our common interests; maintaining the balance of interests of all parties, so that the interests of enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees, partners and society can be met to the maximum extent.


Our company's total value comes from the knowledge, capital and labor of high-quality employees;
Based on the factors of contribution, ability, responsibility and work attitude, the principle of objective and fair and sustainable development is used for value distribution;
The use of capital allocation and labor distribution according to work in a combined manner, value distribution is achieved in the form of development opportunities, powers, wages, bonuses, equity and some other forms of benefits.

Talent Concept

Excellent companies will cultivate and attract excellent employees, and excellent employees will make the company develop better;
We strive to create conditions for outstanding talents to stand out;
The principle of employing people: value the virtues and talents.

Management Concept

Management objectives: make the best use of man;
Management principles: scientific decision-making, authority implementation, management institutionalization;
Management key points: scientific planning, strict program control.

Competitive View

Take competition as the key to maintaining long-term vitality; provides fair competition opportunities and adopts fair selection criteria.