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After applying laser technology in the industrial field, the market for laser cutting machines is growing.

A laser cutting machine is mainly used for various metals, plastic, and other materials.

The main types of laser cutting machines are CO₂ laser cutting machines, fiber, and CO₂ CNC laser engraving machines.

Laser cutting has higher precision and faster speed than ordinary cutting machines.

Choosing a cost-effective laser cutting machine is very important for enterprises.

Because the purchase of laser cutting machines is a huge expense.

If you choose a machine with poor quality, you will not only lose a sum of expenses but also affect the process of production and manufacturing.

This article will introduce you to the world-famous manufacturers of laser cutting machines.



Country: Germany

Address: Johann-Maus-Str. 271254 Ditzingen Germany

Laser products:

Disk lasers, Marking lasers, Sensor system, Fiber laser, Pulsed lasers, Processing optics, Diode lasers, CO₂ lasers, Technology packages, Short and ultrashort pulse laser, EUV Drive Laser, Scientific lasers

About the company:

TRUMPF is a manufacturer of fabricating machinery founded in Germany.

TRUMPF has developed from a small workshop producing sheet metal processing machines to a global high-tech company.

TRUMPF's products cover metal manufacturing, industrial laser and industrial electronic products. Especially for laser products, you can find any laser products you need in TRUMPF.

ADH Review:

TRUMPF's high-quality single mode and multiple mode laser beams are reliable and flexible.

TRUMPF laser cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, less splash, compact design and long service life.

However, the machine is expensive and the maintenance cost is high.

2. Bystronic


Country: Switzerland

Address: 2200 West Central Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60192


Laser Cutting Systems

Tube Processing

Press Brakes

Automation Laser

Automation Bending


About the company:

Bystronic is a global enterprise providing sheet metal processing services in Switzerland.

The company is committed to automating the whole production process.

Automation can ensure the reliability of the production process and maximize production efficiency.

ADH Review:

Bystronic offers a wide range of laser sources with powerful functions.

The quality of the laser is reliable and the efficiency is high.

Bystronic's laser cutting machine has high cutting precision, and high speed and won't waste a lot of materials.

The operation interface is simple and easy to use.



Country: Japan

Address: 200, Ishida, Isehara-shi, Kanagawa 259-1196, Japan 0463-96-1111

Products: plate punching, bending, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, and other sheet metal processing machine, as well as corresponding toolings, spare parts, and cutting products.

About the company:

Amada is a global leader in sheet metal processing machinery founded in Japan.

Amada has 83 branches on all continents of the world, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Amada has a wide variety of sheet metal processing machines with excellent performance and advanced technology.

Amada also provides a full range of sheet metal processing solutions, software, and peripheral products.

ADH Review:

Amada's fiber laser cutting machine can perfectly process high reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, red copper, and titanium, and materials that are difficult to process.

The fiber laser independently developed by Amada has unique beam control technology.

It can save energy to the greatest extent and effectively improve production efficiency.

It can also realize the full range of curring from thin plate to thick plate.

4. Salvagnini


Country: Italy

Address: Via Guido Salvagnini 51 Sarego (VI) 36040 Italy


Punching machines, Panel benders, Press brakes, Fiber laser cutting machines, FMS lines, Automatic store-towers, Software

About the company:

Founded in 1963, Salvagnini is a sheet metal automatic processing system manufacturing enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, sales, and service.

Salvagnini group is headquartered in Italy.

The company has a wide range of products, especially in the field of flexible automation.

Salvagnini always insists on providing innovative technologies to realize flexible and automatic solutions and makes metal plates into various sets of daily and industrial supplies.

ADH Review:

Salvagnini's fiber laser cutting machine technology is reflected in speed, accuracy, reliability, and performance.

The single mirror cutting head does not need gas cooling.

Cutting parameters can be adjusted automatically.

Automatic production, simple and safe operation.

5. Prima Power


Country: Finland

Address: Via Torino-Pianezza, 36 - 10093 Collegno (TO) ITALIA


2D and 3D laser machines

Punching and combined punch

Laser and punch

Shear machines

Press brakes

Panel benders

Flexible Manufacturing Systems


About the company:

Prima power was formed by the merger of Prima Industrie Group and Finn Power Group.

Prima power continues to refine the company's technology and innovation capabilities.

Provide global customers with sheet metal processing and laser products and related services.

Prima power's industrial 4.0 solution has been applied in three areas.

They are Smart Machines & Factories, Smart Software, and Smart Remote Care.

ADH Review:

Prima Power's laser cutting machines are mainly CO₂ and fiber laser cutting machines.

Prima Power's 2D laser cutting machine has high performance and flexibility.

It is suitable for a variety of production requirements.

3D laser cutting machines can be used to process complex workpieces.

It is very flexible while ensuring efficiency and quality.

6. Mazak


Country: Japan

Address: 1-131 Takeda, Oguchi-Cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi-Pref.


Multi-tasking machines

CNC turning centers

Vertical machining centers

Double column machining centers

Horizontal machining centers

CNC laser processing machines

FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)

CNC systems, CAD/CAM system

Production support software

About the company:

Mazak, founded in Japan in 1919, is a global leader in the machine tool industry.

Mazak's products include CNC turning centers, machining centers, laser processing machines, horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, and one-stop automation systems.

Mazak’s customer support bases around the world have increased to more than 80.

ADH Review:

Mazak's 2D laser cutting system is very intelligent.

It is flexible in different production environments.

In addition to presetting and cutting, its functions can also be intelligently monitored.

3D laser cutting machine provides high-speed cutting and a larger cutting range.

Mazak's laser cutting machine has fast perforation and smoothes the cutting edge.



Country: Japan



Laser cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine

Gas cutting machine


About the company:

TANAKA is a professional cutting machine manufacturer in Japan. It is a pioneer in the world laser industry.

Products include laser, plasma, and gas cutting machines.

TANAKA launched the world's first medium-thickness laser cutting machine with a built-in oscillator in 1989.

The company continues to develop laser cutting technology.

In addition to laser cutting machine products, TANAKA also provides customers with automatic feeding and finished product storage solutions.

ADH Review:

TANAKA's laser cutting machines include LMRV and LMZV series CO₂ laser cutting machines.

It can provide better bevel and straight cutting quality.

The improved bevel laser cutting machine contains several technical features.

Cutting torch design, fiber laser technology, cutting sequences and cooling system are integrated.



Country: Germany

Address: Messer-Platz 1 65812 BadSoden,Germany


Machines Software Process Tools Material Handling Cutting Tables Virtual/Visual Solutions Dust Collectors

About the company:

Founded in 1898, Messer is the world's largest family industrial, medical and specialty gas expert.

Messer founded Messer cutting systems, a solution provider for the sheet metal processing industry. Messer's oxygen gas, plasma and laser cutting systems provide high-quality cutting services to customers around the world.

ADH Review:

Messer cutting system can provide flexible, high-quality and efficient production.

Messer cutting system has the characteristics of good quality, high precision, durability and reliability.



Country: Japan

Address: 16-5 Konan 2-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

LASER products:

2D laser processing machine 3D laser processing machine Laser automation system

About the company:

The history of Mitsubishi can be traced back to 1870.

The founder started the shipping business and started the journey of Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Group's business covers energy, shipbuilding, machinery, aerospace, automotive and other heavy industries.

ADH Review:

Mitsubishi's laser cutting system is designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi from processing machine to resonator and control system.

Mitsubishi's 2D and 3D laser cutting machines are characterized by high speed, high precision and high flexibility.

The laser automation system has a series of automation functions such as feeding, processing and sorting.



Country: China

Address: HG Tech Intelligent industry park, No. 66, Weilai 2 Road, Optical Valley, East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan, China

Laser products:

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine, High Precision Laser Cutting Machine, 3D Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Flying Laser Marking Machine, Precision Laser Welding Machine

About the company:

HGTECH was established in Wuhan, China in 1999.

HGLASER is a global provider of laser equipment solutions and a subsidiary of HGTECH.

HGLASER mainly sells laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines, complete sets of laser texturing equipment, laser drilling machines, laser heat treatment systems, lasers and various supporting equipment, special laser processing equipment and plasma cutting equipment.

ADH Review:

HGLASER has a wide variety of laser products with complete functions.

Laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision and high efficiency.

It can be used for cutting different kinds of metals.

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