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Panel Bender

Panel Bender

General Features

After 5 years of dedicated research and development, we finally bring the panel bender with real 9-axis concurrent linkage into the market, the system supports up to 16-axis concurrent linkage.

The first generation of our panel bender has experienced more than two years of actual operation test by customers. In 2018 we applied for quote a number of core patents, the second generation of panel bender was developed in 2019 and achieve mass production and sales.

The whole machine is designed and produced according to the standard of high precision machine tools, and the main bed is made of high standard castings, both castings and welded parts are treated with strict stress-relieving technology, and the high precision machine tools are processed in one piece, and finally the high precision testing instrument is used to ensure the long-term running precision, stability and high rigidity of the machine.

Faster speed

The speed of 0.3 seconds per bend allows you to increase your efficiency by several times, greatly reducing labor costs and truly saving time, effort and worry.

Autonomous research and development

The control system is a completely independent research and development, with core patents, support for flexible customization, lifting the follow-up upgrade trouble.

Easy to use and learn

The labor requirements are greatly reduced, easy to learn and easy to use, and eliminate the trouble of personnel turnover.

Stricter quality control

From the production to the sale of our products, we check at every level to achieve the highest quality.

Hassle-free maintenance

12 months warranty on the whole machine, 3 years warranty on key parts, pure electric servo, no special daily maintenance.

More economical and energy efficient

The high efficiency of the product saves labor costs and the average power consumption is only 1.5-2.5 kW-h.

Technical Spec.

Fastest bending speed0.5s/bend0.2s/bend0.2s/bend0.3s/bend
Max. bending width1400mm1400mm2000mm2500mm
Folding height170mm170mm170mm170mm
Peak power13Kw15Kw22Kw25Kw
Average power1.2Kw1.5Kw2.2Kw2.5Kw
Noise40 decibel40 decibel40 decibel40 decibel
Total weight10Ton10Ton15Ton18Ton
Max. bending thicknessUTS 580N/mm² S.S 1.0mmUTS 580N/mm² S.S 1.0mmUTS 580N/mm² S.S 1.0mmUTS 580N/mm² S.S 1.0mm
UTS 410N/mm² M.S 1.2mmUTS 410N/mm² M.S 1.2mmUTS 410N/mm² M.S 1.2mmUTS 410N/mm² M.S 1.2mm
UTS 265N/mm² Al. 1.6mmUTS 265N/mm² Al. 1.6mmUTS 265N/mm² Al. 1.6mmUTS 265N/mm² Al. 1.6mm
Min. metal thickness0.35mm0.35mm0.35mm0.35mm
Min. four-sided forming size180*400/230*330mm130*190mm200*300mm210*280mm
Min. double-sided forming size180mm130mm200mm130mm
Min. arc radius1.2mm1.2mm1.2mm1.2mm
Number of axisStandard 9-axis concurrent linkage, support up to 16-axis concurrent linkageStandard 9-axis concurrent linkage, support up to 16-axis concurrent linkageStandard 9-axis concurrent linkage, support up to 16-axis concurrent linkageStandard 9-axis concurrent linkage, support up to 16-axis concurrent linkage

What about the price ?

Now I can tell you that our price is only about 1/10 of "Salvagnini panel bender"

High grade castings

The core frame of the equipment adopts high-grade QT500-7 and HT300 castings, and each time the castings are annealed, the grade is tested by the testing instrument. The frame is subjected to precise finite element force analysis and adopts the most stable triangular interconnection design, which greatly ensures the stability under high tonnage impact force.

High standard welding

Whether large or small, the dichlorocarbon shielded welding is used in the entire welding process, welding with full welding technology to ensure that the welding of the workpiece is solid and beautiful.

Complete stress relief

Whether it is castings or welded support surfaces, all adopt high-precision temperature control furnace, according to the corresponding temperature curve of the material for multiple tempering, annealing and other heat treatment process, and then sufficiently long full-frequency vibration aging treatment, thoroughly releasing the internal stress of the workpiece to ensure long-term use without deformation.

Precision machining

Different fixtures are designed for different workpieces, and high-precision multi-axis machining centers are used for finishing the workpieces to ensure the consistency of precision before and after clamping.

Rigorous testing

Adopting high-precision micrometer U table, with millions of years of aging marble platform and marble square ruler, accurate measurement for each workpiece, strict control of the processing quality of the workpiece, layer by layer to ensure that the assembly precision of the whole machine in line with high precision machine standards.

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