Press Brake Bending Angle Measurement

Iris Plus Angle Measurement System

Automatic angle measurement and automatic correction of the bending angle:
IRIS Plus real time angle correction An important device for the most demanding applications and the IRIS Plus comprises a laser transmitter and receiver set mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. It includes a high speed digital camera and image data processing system contained within the receiver unit.
Different V-openings (8 until 35 mm) and dies are applicable.
Most optimal accuracy results (3.6 meters or less)
Never collision with workpiece
Possibility of measuring on workpieces with apertures
IRIS Plus real time angle correction An important device for the most demanding applications.
Contactless angle measurement principle guarantees a reliable system even in heavy duty circumstances.
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Iris Plus Angle Measurement System

Laser Check Angle Measurement System

The iMeasure Laser angle measurement system with Data-M Engineering for an accurate bend angle after only one bending operation.
The iMeasure are fully-automatic laser-assisted bend angle measurement systems for CNC press brakes. Irrespective of the properties or thickness of the material, the LaserCheck enables an exact determination of the bending angle with an accuracy of better than 0.1°. This represents precision which has never been available before.
Variable working distance
Die width up to 60 mm without adjustment
Automatic height compensation
Fast image transfer via GigE
S-Mount lenses (low distortion / fixed focus / fixed aperture)
Measurement range 0° - 180°


A laser beam is projected on the sheet metal surface
The camera detects the laser beam
The angle between the beam and the camera axis determines the bend angle.
Force reduction + calculation of the springback
Automatic angle correction
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Laser Check Angle Measurement System

Bending Angle Measurement Catalog

You can download the catalog for LaserCheck Bending Angle Measurement and Lazersafe PCSS IRIS Plus with the link below.
LaserCheck Bending Angle MeasurementLazersafe PCSS IRIS Plus
Bending Angle Measurement Catalog
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