Press Brake Sheet Supports Systems

Sheet Supports Systems

With the Thin-support system even thinner sheets are always correctly positioned and guided:
Back supports have ball sliders and brushes to protect even the most delicate surfaces
Load capacity – 30 kg per support.
Best configuration for sheet box bending
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Sheet Supports Systems

Sheet Bending Followers

Why choose bending follower?
It is suitable for bending all kinds of large plates, especially thin and large plates, which reduces the workload of operators moving heavy objects, improves bending efficiency and reduces the risk of operators.
Independent system module control can perfectly keep 100% synchronization with Y axis during bending.
According to the height of the die and the size of the V-opening, it can automatically adjust the up, down and back movement.
Parking space shall be provided to avoid the impact on the workpiece during reverse bending.
It is flexible and easy to use and easy to load and unload. It can be moved from one equipment and installed on another equipment
Equipped with a brush table to prevent the plate from scratching, sliding or falling.
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Sheet Followers
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