Dual-use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

ULFT Dual-use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The integrated design enables efficient cutting of both plates and tubes with a single piece of equipment. It provides high precision, fast processing, minimal kerf, smooth sections, user-friendly operation, and low energy consumption. Additionally, it is highly suitable for large-scale continuous processing.


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Mechanical Bed

The internal structure features a hollow design combined with a fish-scale pattern that provides excellent fire protection and reinforces the overall structure.
The bed is welded together using multiple rectangular pipes, with stiffeners placed inside the pipes to enhance the bed's strength and tensile properties.
The entire frame undergoes high-temperature annealing and high-speed shot blasting, while stress relief technology is employed to effectively prevent bed deformation and ensure that the bed remains deformation-free even after 20 years of use.
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Mechanical Bed


Through the utilization of finite element analysis, our design achieves a balance of high rigidity and lightweight construction. Additionally, our product boasts exceptional dynamic characteristics, enabling high speeds and rapid acceleration.
This laser cutting machine is crafted from high-performance manganese steel, utilizing a butt welding technique. A carefully designed structure enhances the rigidity of the beam during high-speed operation, ensuring overall stability during the cutting process.
Following heat treatment, the machine attains robust rigidity and strength, exhibiting exceptional seismic resistance and stability. This ensures that the beam remains free from deformation over extended periods of use.
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Laser Source

Our selection of fiber laser sources includes renowned brands such as Raycus from China, n-Light from the USA, and IPG from Germany, boasting a power range of 1000W to 20,000W.
Our fiber laser sources offer a constant beam parameter product (BPP) throughout the entire power range, ensuring excellent beam quality with a small spot size. Additionally, our sources boast an impressive electro-optic conversion efficiency of over 30%.
Our fiber laser sources feature a modular "plug and play" design, with a compact and sturdy structure that allows for easy installation.
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Laser Source

Cutting Head

The auto-focusing laser cutting head possesses the capability to dynamically adjust its focal point in accordance with the thickness of the material being processed.
This feature makes it well-suited for processing multi-focus sections, which helps to reduce cutting time and enhance cutting precision.
The cutting head features a patented anti-collision protection structure, and is equipped with a waste-cutting micro-connection that effectively prevents the plate from warping. These design elements enable the cutting head to operate at high speed and maintain exceptional stability throughout the cutting process.
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Cutting Head

Pneumatic Chuck

The pneumatic chuck can be opened and clamped with a single key while automatically centering itself. Compared to the electric chuck, it operates at triple the speed, thereby reducing the waiting time for loading and unloading.
The pneumatic clamping mechanism enables a large and consistent clamping force, preventing any looseness or slippage of heavy pipes. This ensures cutting accuracy and precision.
It is suitable for cutting a variety of tubes, including common square tubes ranging from Φ2020mm to Φ320320mm, round tubes ranging from Φ20mm to Φ320mm, and rectangular tubes with a diagonal of up to 220mm.
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Tube Cutting Device

Control System

Cypcut is a cutting software specifically designed for fiber laser cutting machines in China. Its development caters to the unique requirements of metalworking through the utilization of advanced machine tools and sheet metal fabrication techniques.
Cypcut offers convenient installation and easy debugging, along with exceptional performance. Moreover, it supports power-based speed adjustment, providing further flexibility to its users.
Cypcut enables users to set separate import linear speeds, while also providing access to a robust cutting process database.
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Control System

Automatic Lubrication

The automated timed lubrication system initiates lubrication oil application based on the duration of machine operation, streamlining the process and increasing convenience.
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Control System

Water Chiller

With features such as an over-temperature alarm, flow protection, water level protection, and other safety alerts.
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Control System

Air Cooler

Its purpose is to decrease the temperature inside the electrical cabinet and guarantee the stable operation of the cabinet.
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Control System

Technical Specifications

If you require more detailed parameters, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Laser power1500W/3000W/6000W
Cutting range3*1.5(m)/4*1.5(m)/6*1.5(m)/6*2.0(m)/6*2.5(m)
Maximum size of chuck220mm/350mm
Plate/tube cutting length3000mm/4000mm/6000mm
Maximum moving speed90m/min
Maximum acceleration1.2g
Positioning accuracy±0.05mm
Repeated positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Operating voltage380V/50Hz
Cooling methodwater-cooled

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