Horizontal V Grooving Machine

ADHK Horizontal V Grooving Machine

Gantry type, convenient for loading and unloading. Air cooling without environmental pollution, 3+1 axis numerical control, servo control, full-automatic operation, which will improve the precision of grooving.
ADHK Horizontal V Grooving Machine


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Structure & Frame

The frame structure design is adopted for the machine base and beam, 60mm low alloy high-strength structural steel is used for the worktable, and Q345 steel plate is used for the frame. The overall rigidity of the machine tool is good, firm and durable.
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CNC System

The grooving machine's CNC system from Taiwan Easycat with intelligent screen touching makes the operation interface easier to understand and can be used quickly; It integrates a variety of advanced functions to achieve greater processing efficiency and top grooving quality.
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Alloy Blade

The processing technology of four grooving cutters is adopted, so that each blade during processing can be grooved evenly.
The blade is made of alloy steel.
Double nozzle blowing is adopted to clean debris more thoroughly.
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Hydraulic System

Adopt Japan Yuken hydraulic system.
Superior performance ensures the continued strength of the powertrain.
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Servo Motor

It is driven by the original Taiwan Easycat servo motor and equipped with high-end CNC system to ensure the long-term and stability of the machine.
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Technical Specifications

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ModelMax grooving width
Max grooving length
Max grooving hight
(The flatness of stainless steel sheet is less than 3mm)
Min grooving thickness
Min distance between V-groove and edge
Max cutting speed
Return speedLeft and right movement resolution of tool rest
Positioning accuracy
Up and down movement resolution of tool rest
Positioning accuracy
Power of main servo motor
Hydraulic system working pressure
Machine size
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