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Profile Rolling Machine

General Features

The fully hydraulic profile bending machine is highly efficient, and used to manufacture profiles, including angle iron, channel steel,I-bar, flat steel, square steel, and circular tubes. Bending and roundness correction can be completed in one pass after feeding the plate. The metal forming machine is widely used in petrol, chemical, shipyard, and machine manufacturing industries.

  • The profile bending machine uses a full hydraulic transmission, electrical centralized control, and a digital display. It carries out profile pre-bending, bending and roundness correction in one pass.
  • The top roll is fixed, and the two bottom rolls move up and down in an arc around a fixed rotary center. They can rise and fall separately or together.
  • Three drive rolls are equipped with a non-slip hydraulic motor, allowing even thin materials to be bent.
  • Lateral support rolls on two sides ensure the high quality of asymmetrical profile bending.
  • With multiple functions, different profiles can be bent simply by exchanging the molds for the desired shape.
  • Vertical and horizontal types are optional.
  • NC and CNC is optional.
  • The metal forming machine is CE certified.


  • 1 set of standard hardened and ground rolls(special steel)
  • All rolls Planetary/Gear-Hydro motor Driven
  • Side supports are suitable for angle iron bending leg in -Leg Out
  • Portable control panel
  • Horizontal and Vertical operation
  • Body constructed of stress-relieved steel
  • Overload protection on hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Bottom rolls hydraulically adjustable with digital readout


  • Pipe,tube and profile bending dies

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