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General Features

Convenient materials loading and unloading. Air cooling without environment pollution. 3+1 axis CNC servo control to realize fully automatic operation.
High pressure, reliable firmly tight force, low noise and small energy consumption. Adopt tin bronze helical gear made by #45 forging steel.
QH silent guide rail transmission, the movement speed can be adjusted. The worktable has self-healing function.  NC program design.

  • 3+1 axis CNC servo control
  • QH silent guide rail
  • self-healing worktable


  • CNC system - Japan
  • Hydraulic system - Taiwan
  • Frequency converter - Mitsubishi
  • Servo motor - Mitsubishi
  • Seal ring - VALQUA,Japan
  • Motor - SEW
  • Air switch - Schneider
  • Contactor - Schneider
  • Breaker and button - Schneider
  • Relay - Schneider
  • Blades - KORLOY,Korea
  • Linear guide - HINWIN, Taiwan
  • Wire - IGUS, Germany


Blade with different material for cutting mild steel, brass, aluminum etc.

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Frame And Beam

The bed and beam of V grooving machine are all designed with the frame structure and the working table is made of 60mm low-alloy high-strength structural steel while the frame is made of Q345 steel, which make it not only rigid but also durable.


The bed of V grooving machine adopts natural gas tempering to eliminate welding stress and reduce equipment deformation. Through the sandblasting treatment to ensure a good paint coating effect.


  • Only input data with the keyboard and the processing program is needed in order to complete the slot.
  • According to the different materials, the processing speed can be adjusted with the knob to facilitate the operation.
  • The processing procedure can be monitored through the display screen. When the V grooving machine is abnormal, the alarm information will be shown on the screen and make it easy to repair.


The “V” slot is processed by 4 knives, so the cutting quantity is evenly distributed to reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

Self-healing Bed

With self-planer capability, the surface can be repaired after wear and tear, making the machine fresh.

Tool Carrier Transfer Device

SFSR static ball screw and QR ball screw are used in the tool frame transfer device, so the precision is high.


Toothed Rack

Press Foot

Electromagnetic Valve


Blade Carrier

Spraying Cooling Systems