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WADH Series Hybrid Press Brake

General Features

  • The whole frame of the press brake adopt integrated welding, and by tempering to eliminate the internal stress
  • The controller can control the Y1 and Y2 axes (Y1 controls the left cylinder and Y2 controls the right cylinder) to ensure the synchronous movement of the ram
  • Quiet speed waiting and fast down, (about 25 decibels), low noise during pressing and return (the pressure in the hydraulic system is the closed loop control of the servo main motor)
  • The main oil pump does not apply work under the drive of the servo main motor, and the energy consumption is 60% lower than that of the general CNC press brake machine
  • The machine oil temperature is stable, which extending the service life of various components of the hydraulic system
  • The working pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic system are controlled by the servo motor in real time, and the power consumption is only 50-60% of the original proportional system
  • The hydraulic oil used is only 30-40% of the original system
  • Since the proportional valve is not used (proportional valve is a high-precision part, there are many process that cause failure), which greatly reduces the hydraulic failure rate.
  • Zero power consumption when the hydraulic system is at no load
  • Due to the increased speed of the servo motor, the oil pump outputs a larger flow rate, so that the speed of the cylinder can reach 180-200 mm/s, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
  • The number of bends is increased by at least 30% in the same time
WADH Series Press Brake


  • CT12, ESA S640, DA66T controller
  • 4+1 axis control (Y1、Y2、X、R+V)
  • Grating ruler (Spanish FAGOR)
  • BOSCH-REXROTH or HAWE proportional servo
  • Germany ECKERLE oil pump
  • Oil pump servo motor
  • Servo motor
  • Ball screw & linear guide -Taiwan PMI
  • Backgauge positioning system
  • Double servo motor & servo inverter
  • Motorized crowning
  • Movable front support arm with linear guide
  • X,Y, R axis servo motor control
  • Fast clamp
  • Movable Support Arm with Linear Guide
  • Amada or Euro type toolings
  • Italy's Flexbimec oil pump servo motor
  • Heyan Oil Cylinder (Shanghai)


  • Wila Hydraulic Clamp (Top & Bottom) - Netherlands
  • Sheet Followers
  • Front light curtain
  • Rear light curtain
  • Front laser protection
  • Air cooling system
  • Motorized Z axis
  • R1, R2 axis
  • Z1, Z2 axis
  • X1, X2 axis

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Mechanical Structure

The oil-electric hybrid drive press brake is the latest top technology. Compared with the Electro-hydro synchronous press brake, its hydraulic synchronization work depends on high-power dual servo pumps. Besides, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will not rise during work.

High Accuracy

The WADH series ADH press brake features high precision and high speed. With advanced closed loop and servo hydraulic technology, the slider repeatability and parallel accuracy can reach +/-0.01mm

Hydraulic System

The servo motor drives the oil pump to rotate forward and backward. The flow and pressure are automatically controlled by the oil pump and the servo motor. There is no overflow control. Zero power is consumed during the process waiting time. The motor power consumption is determined by the load.

Hydraulic Servo Pump

The German HAWE hydraulic servo pump is a new hybrid electric drive system with a 70% reduction in fuel tank capacity, a 10% reduction in duty cycle, a 50% increase in energy efficiency and a positioning accuracy of up to 5um.

Hydraulic Oil Tank

The fuel tank volume is small, the hydraulic oil cost is greatly reduced; the oil rises at a low temperature, the risk of oil leakage is reduced, the stability is higher, and the service life of the hydraulic system and the oil cylinder is improved.

Electric System

Adopt Schneider Electric system which is safe, reliable, long-lasting and anti-interference.

Fast Clamp & Front Support

The WADH series press brake is equipped with fast clamp and movable front support arm with linear guide as standard.

Punch & Die

Standard top punch and dual-V die are equipped on the press brake. Besides, we have more press brake toolings for your selection.


Servo Drive

Mechanical Crowning

The motorized crowning system will adjust the parallelism and straightness automatically.

Segment Dies

We can provide you segment dies based on your practical use without extra charges.

Pedal Switch

The pedal switch will be used to control the movement of the ram. And there'is emergency stop button on top of it.

Side Safety Guard

For the protection of operators.

Rear Safety Guard

Protect the back side which can't be seen in front.

Manual Crowning

The crowning will compensate for the deflection of the worktable during bending process so as to obtain higher working precision.

Front Light Curtain

The front light curtain will be very helpful for protecting the fingers of the operators.

Laser Protection

Does not affect the efficiency of the press brake, can completely solve the safety problem.
Raju R
Raju RDirector
We at R S Machine tool Services are a team of well qualified engineers having experience for past 30-40 years working towards providing best manufacturing solutions for sheet-metal forming with And offered our services to 400 plus customers across Karnataka and Hosur Road We supply high quality reliable products with excellent customer support and after sales services. In collaboration with ADH machine tools we have 50 plus customers who are using our reliable and robust products with positive feedback and testimonials. We supply machinery such as Press brake, Shearing and Fiber Laser Cutting Machine of ADH machine tools
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ADH has been ably supported Sanmac Machines in Southern Parts of India since last 3 years. Sanmac Team have sold over 50 machines. ADH machine’s high quality sturdy design, aesthetic look and consistent performance is much to be appreciated. This has brought us repeat, more satisfied and delighted customers to our fold. Sanmac gratefully acknowledges the support & cooperation from ADH at every point of time, be it timely delivery machines or parts or service. Sanmac is proud to associate with ADH team whose strong desire to produce top quality products, thus help enjoy a brand image. ADH’s strong commitment to provide top quality is a great boon not only to ADH’s Channel Partner but also to its customers

Over 100 sets of ADH press brake are sold to customers around the world in every month.

ADH Press Brake Customer
ADH Press Brake Customer
ADH Press Brake Customer
ADH Press Brake Customer
ADH Press Brake Customer

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