Mechanical Processing

Integrated Processing

The gantry pentahedron machining center is adopted to complete the whole machine processing at one time, so as to ensure the machine accuracy and the bending accuracy.
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Integrated Processing

Heat Treatment

The body and important welding parts are tempered to eliminate welding stress and ensure the stability of the machine for long-term use;
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Hydraulic Valve

Sand Blasting

Shot blasting can remove surface rust and oxide scale and improve paint adhesion, so as to improve the anti rust ability of the whole machine;
At the same time, it can further eliminate the internal stress of parts and prolong the service life of the machine;
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Accessory Processing

More than 95% of the accessories are produced by ourselves;
The standardized operation ensures that the replacement of our parts can respond quickly and ensure the quality of parts at the same time;
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Oil Pump

Welding Technology

Our welders have more than ten years of working experience in the welding field. They use technology to ensure that every welding of our machine is the best.
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Our Customers

The following big brands are using our machines.
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