Product Design


Obtained 69 utility model invention patents;
Technical guarantee makes you feel more at ease when using our products;
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CNC Controller

Appearance Design

The appearance of the machine is designed by internationally renowned designers, which is more in line with modern aesthetics;
The working area adopts cold light source lighting design to facilitate night work;
The structural design is simple and modular, which is convenient for daily maintenance;
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Hydraulic Valve

Mechanical Design

Professional actuaries use ANSYS software to conduct finite element analysis on the frame, ram, worktable and vertical plate of each machine to ensure that the strength and rigidity of the whole machine can make it work stably and have a longer service life;
It can be customized according to customer needs, such as throat depth, stroke, opening, column, speed and overall dimensions, so as to meet the diversified needs of customers;
The design teams are senior experts in the domestic sheet metal forging industry, with decades of design experience to ensure the safe and smooth operation of our machines in the customer's factory;
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Mold Design

42CrMo die steel is used as the standard material, with heat treatment hardness between 48-52 °, which has the characteristics of high toughness, high wear resistance and durability;
Non standard customization can be carried out according to customer products, which has strong applicability and helps users save mold procurement costs;
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Oil Pump

Electrical Design

Module design is adopted, which is simple and generous as a whole;
Aviation socket is adopted, which can be connected quickly and avoid wrong wiring at the same time;
The electrical cabinet adopts dust-proof design to ensure the service life and safety of the circuit;
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