Equipment Grounding

Prevent damage to equipment and lines, prevent fire, lightning, electrostatic damage and ensure the normal operation of power system;
Prevent personal electric shock;
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CNC Controller

Laser Protection

Press brake with DSP visible laser protection compliant to EN12622 regulation. The beam protects the fingures of press brake operator from the danger of being crushed between punch and die.
The system response time is 2ms, and the maximum protection distance is 15m
Comply with the following safety standards: EU CEI EN62061、EN ISO13849-1、CEI EN61496-1、CEI EN61496-2、EN 12622
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Hydraulic Valve

Light Curtain Protection

The light beam protects the bender operator from the risk of crushing between the upper and lower tools.
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Emergency Stop

Press the button to cut off the power supply of the main motor of the machine and the backgauge, so as to ensure personal safety in case of emergency;
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Oil Pump

Open-door Power Off

The electrical box is equipped with electromechanical interlocking device, which automatically disconnects the power supply when opening the door of the electrical box to protect personal safety;
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3/5 Point Protection Of Valve Block

The valve group is equipped with fast down, working and return protection to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine and the safety of personnel;
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Overload & Overvoltage Protection

With overload protection function, it can automatically cut off the power supply in time in case of abnormal voltage and overload to ensure the normal operation of the machine;
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