Pre-sale Service

We select the most suitable press brake machine and die according to the processing products of customers, and meet the requirements of customers for bending quality and efficiency as much as possible on the basis of cost saving;
Every suggestion we give has been carefully considered by our professional engineers, and we will give the final scheme that is most suitable for users;
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CNC Controller

In-sale Service

Strictly implement the terms of the contract according to the customer's needs to ensure that each equipment received by our customer is completed with high quality standards.
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Hydraulic Valve

After-sale Service

Free replacement of accessories for customers within the warranty period of 1 years;
Provide professional remote online guidance and on-site service;
After sales follow-up service, establish user service technical files to facilitate the machine maintenance of old customers after many years;
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Parts & Accessories

Because we are a manufacturer, we can provide accessories according to customer needs in the shortest time to ensure the uninterrupted running of the machine.
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Oil Pump


The main core components of the machine are all international well-known brands, so customers can easily find identical components locally for replacement.
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Different products have different requirements for machines and molds, and we can customize them according to the practical use of customers.
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Not sure which machine is right for your sheet metal product? Let our knowledgeable sales team guide you in selecting the most suitable solution for your needs.
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