Cut Thick Plate

High-power Laser Cutting Machine

10kW - 60kW

Having trouble cutting big, thick metal pieces? Our super-powerful laser cutting machines are here to save the day! They help you use every bit of your metal sheets, cut things super quickly, and they keep working without taking a break. 

High-power Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Demo

Increasing Material Utilization

By utilizing a full steel plate of 2 meters width and 12 meters length, optimal layout planning for cutting can save material costs.

Improving Cutting Speed

High-power lasers of 20,000 watts, 30,000 watts or even up to 60,000 watts are popular among customers, as higher power equates to faster cutting speeds.

Higher Cutting Thickness

More power means thicker cutting (e.g., 12KW cuts 25mm, 20KW cuts 40mm, 30KW cuts 50mm).

Solves Traditional Work Table Issues

With increased power, traditional tables might collapse; large-format solves this problem.

Wide Industry Applications

Suitable for engineering machinery, steel structure, vehicle manufacturing, etc., disrupting traditional processes.

Non-Stop Cutting

Larger working tables mean longer exchange times. Therefore, large-format single worktables offer non-stop cutting, saving significant idle time, electricity costs, and labor costs.

Enhancing Precision & Saving Costs

From large-scale national projects to colossal industrial ventures, there's an escalating need for higher precision in forming techniques, outstripping the capabilities of standard equipment. High-power laser cutters, with their comprehensive processing capabilities, are the solution.

For instance, in the wind power industry, flanges requiring a diameter of 3 meters (and increasing), with a strict one-cut formation policy, can only be serviced by large-format laser cutting. This technology also caters to engineering machinery requiring a length of 13-15 meters in one seamless piece, without any joint.

The competition in the current laser cutting market is fierce, with prices being driven down. This forces customers to innovate in reducing costs by purchasing high power fiber laser cutting machine.





ADH Machine Tool

Why Choose ADH Laser?


Early Market Verification

Introduced 3 years ago, perfected over time, and upgraded this year to a 750mm height model for more user-friendly operation.

Simpler, Effective Design

Compared to equivalent products, ULF has a simpler and more effective structure, is easier to mass-produce, and is cost-effective.


Competitive advantage over dual-line rail equipment due to structural stability and long-term high-speed production.

Higher Speed and Accuracy

ULF models offer higher speed and precision compared to similar products.

Greater Precision

ULF models demonstrate higher accuracy when compared to equivalent or line rail equipment.

Customized Solutions

Offering the flexibility to provide better pricing for the same configurations, showcasing a willingness to cater to specific customer needs and budgets.

Future Growth and Support

Our commitment is to focusing on quality to win customer trust. 

Price Negotiation

We can offer a better price if the configuration matches that of competitors.





Raju R

我们R S机床服务公司是一个由合格的工程师组成的团队,在过去的30-40年里,我们一直致力于为钣金成型提供最佳的制造解决方案,并为卡纳塔克邦和霍苏尔路的400多个客户提供服务,我们提供高质量的可靠产品,并提供优秀的客户支持和售后服务。在与ADH机床的合作中,我们有50多个客户正在使用我们可靠和强大的产品与积极的反馈和推荐。我们提供的机械,如 折弯机ADH机床的剪板机和光纤激光切割机

S.Sankara Narayanan


Mitesh Shah

Standard Machine Tools Tradex Pvt. Ltd.已经为自己打造了一个创新的进口商和高品质工程和钣金机械的授权分销商的地位。与ADH公司合作是一个美妙的经历和旅程,ADH公司是世界上最顶级的金属加工设备制造商之一。 电液折弯机ADH的产品包括光纤激光机、剪板机和转塔冲床。ADH的机器在设计上是坚固的,在质量上是严格的,在外观上是壮观的。最令人满意的是机器的性能得到了所有客户的赞赏。由于ADH公司在市场上的迅速反应和强有力的支持,按时交货的承诺,快速的售后服务,在过去的两年里,我们在印度西部地区已经售出了超过35台机器。与ADH合作,具有未来的前景,使我们在印度市场的竞争中获得了优势。

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Is a worktable integrated with the equipment better than a worktable that lands on the ground?
At first glance, a separate worktable that lands on the ground seems better as it seems more stable and doesn't interfere with the main bed's stability. But if you think deeply, it hides the logic that a weak bed structure or unscientific design can't withstand impact. Regardless of where the worktable lands, it will definitely affect the bed's stability.
Is welded pipe bed not as good as a welded plate?
People who understand structures don't differentiate between pipes and plates, only mechanical performance matters. The belief that plates are better and pipes are worse comes from some low-quality pipe-welded equipment. However, the selection and design of the materials are key. Our minimum wall thickness is 6-12mm, and from a structural point of view, it's more stable than plate welding.
Does insulation work?
We use double-layer insulation. A layer of firebrick is laid on the fish-scale insulation board. A single layer of firebrick can handle all laser application scenarios. By adding another layer, the effect is even better.
Is a hollow bed frame better than yours?
A hollow bed frame is a false concept in the laser cutting machine industry. If you try to press down on a 10050mm rectangular side, you'll find it's easier to bend than a "日" shaped 10050mm structure. Would you still choose a hollow bed frame?
Your acceleration is not as high as others, some can reach 2G.
Anyone can write down acceleration figures, but we are more realistic, writing down factory standards. The main comparison should be efficiency, not just numbers. Our efficiency can be compared with the fastest models.
Which is better, Raycus laser or Max laser?
The market recognizes both. Raycus has better beam quality, light decay, and energy consumption than Max, but the price of Max is definitely better. Accurate stability data is hard to gather, so no further comments will be made here.
The price is too high, even bigger brands have lower prices.
Price is related to the company's technology route, industry comparison, and differences in lasers, cutting heads, systems, and structures. If the configuration is the same, we can surely offer a better price!



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