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Hydraulic Shearing Machine

We can provide you with comprehensive NC/CNC hydraulic shearing machine, swing beam shearing machine and guillotine shearing machine.

Press Brake
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Modular design and standardized production make it more stable and efficient.


Strong quality inspection team, do inspection according to customer products which save customer's commissioning time.


Rapid performance improvement and 20% reduction of work cycle; Save energy by 30%, save time and electricity.

Customers Trust Us

Well known companies in various industries around the world choose to cooperate with us.

SINCE 1982


We have focused on R&D, production and sales of press brakes, hydraulic shears and laser cutting machines for 40 years. Now we have grown into an international "Little Giant" enterprise, providing production solutions for automobile, transportation, sheet metal, electric power, elevator, household appliances industries etc.
ADH Machine Tool

The Best Solution For Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Since the establishment of our company in 2002, ADH Machine Tool continues to be an industry leader in hydraulic shearing machine manufacturing. Combine core technology with exquisite craftsmanship, and consistently deliver machines with superior performance, we are committed to providing you with powerful sheet metal cutting solutions to help you increase your profit margins and expand your business.

Untill now, ADH shearing machine has been sold to over 80 countries and get very good feedback from customers there.

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The design of the shearing machine includes a box bed frame completely welded with the workbench.
The frame can produce high stiffness to balance the torque load generated by shear force.
Vertical linear movement relative to the lower blade to ensure that the shear sheet has less distortion and more accurate straightness.
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Control System

The controller is DAC360 CNC system of Delem brand in the Netherlands (now upgraded to DAC360T touch screen);
The back stop, blade angle and blade gap can be controlled and adjusted in the system;
ELGO P40T and E21S digital display controller can also be selected.
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Control System


High performance main motor can be equipped with international brand such as Siemens or Chinese famous brand Wannan.
Voltage customization, such as 3-phase / 220 V / 60 Hz, 3-phase / 380 V / 60 Hz, 3-phase / 415 V / 60 Hz, etc.
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Hydraulic Valve

International brand Rexroth hydraulic valve block is adopted;
With oil pressure overload protection, oil leakage and valve jamming are rare;
Real time oil pressure monitoring to ensure smooth oil circuit and stable running of the equipment.
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Hydraulic Valve

Feeding Port

The design of feed port complies with international safety standards;
The minimum feeding height is the sheet thickness, and the maximum is the sheet thickness plus 20-25mm. There are adjustable height screws to adjust the feeding height;
The front fence and side guardrail ensure safe operation.
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Feeding Port

Cutting Line Illumination

It is equipped with light alignment device, which is convenient for marking and shearing, and can steplessly adjust the stroke of the blade holder.
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Cutting Line Illumination


Pneumatic rear support device and rear light curtain protection device are optional.
The automatic rear support plays a supporting role in cutting the thin plate to ensure the cutting accuracy and surface finish of the plate.
The rear light curtain protection protects personal safety during the operation of the machine and complies with international safety standards.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

The motorized shearing angle adjusting device saves the trouble of manual adjustment and can automatically adjust the shearing angle according to the plate thickness.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

Rear Protection Device

Photoelectric protection to protect personal safety, especially finger safety.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

Electrical Components

High-quality electrical components are adopted, which are stable and durable with long service life.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

Servo Motor

The rear servo reduction motor has good quality and fast positioning speed of simulation operation.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

Hydraulic Oil Cooling Device

The rear servo reduction motor has good quality and fast positioning speed of simulation operation.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

Lubrication Device

It is more convenient and faster. There are two models: automatic and manual, which are convenient for customers to choose.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

Pneumatic Rear Support

It is convenient for customers to cut wide sheets, which can be closed with one key when not in use.
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Motorized Cutting Angle Adjustment

Why Choose Us?

We can provide you with the fastest and most accurate solutions with professional answers.

Competitive Price

Due to our batch manufacturing, the price we provide is more competitive.

Technical Support

We have 5 after-sales personnel with more than 10 years of experience, who can provide 24-hour service (respond within 30 minutes during the day and provide 24-hour online service after making an appointment at night)

Short Lead Time

The standardized machine shall be delivered within 20 days and 45 days if there are special requirements.

Quality Control

One step inspection, 24-hour pressure test, 100% inspection qualified before delivery.

Quality Guarantee

Each machine is provided with a 15 year structural warranty and a 2-year accessory warranty.

Expert Solutions

Provide metal forming, laser processing equipment, industrial robots, automatic production lines and intelligent factory solutions for various industries.

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Listen to how our customers evaluate us.

Raju R

We at R S Machine tool Services are a team of well qualified engineers having experience for past 30-40 years working towards providing best manufacturing solutions for sheet-metal forming with And offered our services to 400 plus customers across Karnataka and Hosur Road We supply high quality reliable products with excellent customer support and after sales services. In collaboration with ADH machine tools we have 50 plus customers who are using our reliable and robust products with positive feedback and testimonials. We supply machinery such as Press brake, Shearing and Fiber Laser Cutting Machine of ADH machine tools

S.Sankara Narayanan

ADH has been ably supported Sanmac Machines in Southern Parts of India since last 3 years. Sanmac Team have sold over 50 machines. ADH machine’s high quality sturdy design, aesthetic look and consistent performance is much to be appreciated. This has brought us repeat, more satisfied and delighted customers to our fold. Sanmac gratefully acknowledges the support & cooperation from ADH at every point of time, be it timely delivery machines or parts or service. Sanmac is proud to associate with ADH team whose strong desire to produce top quality products, thus help enjoy a brand image. ADH’s strong commitment to provide top quality is a great boon not only to ADH’s Channel Partner but also to its customers

Mitesh Shah

Standard Machine Tools Tradex Pvt. Ltd. has carved a niche for itself as an Innovative Importer, Authorized Distributor for the gamut of high quality engineering & sheet metal machineries. It is a wonderful experience and journey working with ADH, one of the Top World class manufacturers of CNC Press Brake, Fibre Laser, Shearing and Turret Punch Press machines. ADH machines are Robust in Design, Stringent in Quality and Spectacular in Looks. Most satisfactory part is the Performance of the machines appreciated by all customers. Due to the Prompt response and strong support of ADH in Marketing, On-time delivery commitments, Quick after Sales Service; we have sold more than 35 machines in past two years in Western region of India. Associating with ADH with a futuristic outlook has always enabled us gain an edge over the competition in Indian Market.


Here are some questions that our customers are very concerned about, and we have answered them one by one.
Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a manufacturer. Our company was founded in 2002, and has 20 years of production experience. 
Where is your company?
Our company is in Maanshan, Anhui Province, which is only half an hour’s drive from Nanjing Lukou Airport. If you visit our company, we will arrange a special bus to meet you at the airport.
How long does it take to deliver the machine?
Generally, we will deliver the goods within 30 days. If the machine belongs to non-standard customized products, the time will be longer, but the longest time will not exceed 50 days.
What kind of payment do you accept?
Generally, we accept T/T and L/C payment, 30% deposit and 70% payment before delivery. If you are our special customer, we can accept better payment method.
What is the warranty period of your machine?
For conventional machines, our warranty period is one year. For special non-standard machines, we may provide a 2-3 year warranty, but this should be confirmed with our sales team in advance. During the warranty period, we provide free replacement parts.
Do you accept OEM customization?
Yes, we accept OEM customization, such as customized machine appearance, color, configuration, etc. Of course, the price of customized products should be a little higher. Please contact our business team for details.
What is the minimum order quantity of your machines?
The minimum quantity we can accept is one, which can be customized by OEM according to your needs.
How do you ensure the quality of your machines?
First of all, we use a variety of large equipment to ensure the strength and stability of the frame, such as tempering furnace, shot blasting machine, etc; Then to ensure the accuracy of the machine, such as the use of five axis machining center, floor boring and milling equipment; In addition, our machine processing, assembly, quality inspection are using standardized process, to control product quality from the production process.
What kind of packing do you use for your machines?
As our machines are large-scale equipment, they are usually directly loaded into containers and then fixed by steel wires, so that when the freighter is sailing on the sea, the machines will not hit the inside of containers because of the ship’s swing, so as to ensure that the machines are intact. In addition to the machine you ordered, the container will not put any other items.
How does your company provide after-sales service?
For small problems in the process of using the machine, we will arrange mechanical engineers to help you solve them remotely, one-to-one guidance, such as sending text instructions or videos to teach you how to solve the problem. If the parts need to be replaced are within the warranty period, we will send them to you free of charge. Of course, you can also buy them locally (if you can buy them), which can save more time. For more serious problems, if the way of remote guidance is not working, we will arrange engineers to provide on-site service. For regions with agents, we will contact agents directly to provide services.
Does your company provide training?
Yes, you can arrange relevant personnel to our company for on-site study, and we will arrange special person for one-to-one guidance. If it is not convenient for you to come to our company, we can provide remote training.
How do you charge the ocean freight?
As for the ocean freight, it is usually charged by the freight forwarder. You can use our freight forwarder to arrange the delivery, or you can use your own freight forwarder.
Will your company provide relevant paper materials?
Of course. Usually follow the machine delivery also includes a variety of manuals, operating instructions, precautions, circuit diagram, hydraulic diagram, etc.
How to ensure that the machine I ordered is suitable for me?
Before you place an order, our salesman will have a detailed and in-depth communication with you, determine every detail of your requirements, and finally provide the corresponding machine configuration according to your specific needs. We never recommend you to buy more expensive machines just to sell them. Expensive ones may not be suitable for you.
We cooperate with international famous brands.
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