Dobladora de paneles tipo prensa

Dobladora de paneles tipo prensa PB-P (13 ejes)

After overcoming the technical obstacles posed by Savanini, we have successfully manufactured our very first panel bender at a significantly lower price point, approximately one-tenth of the cost.


Please view the video below to gain further insight and information.

Accionamiento servoeléctrico

The servo electric panel bender is a swift and precise bending solution that operates without hydraulic power. This technology guarantees productivity, accuracy, repeatability, and dependability.
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Brazo de prensa

The feeding method has been granted a utility model patent due to its simplicity, convenience, ease of operation, and safety.
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Estación de control

The control system achieves simultaneous real nine-axis (13 axis) synchronization, ensuring stable bending motion and robust mechanical operation coordination.
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Estación de control


Complex shapes can be designed and produced without the need for molds. This process allows for the creation of shapes with various angles, including right and non-right angles, and folded up or down as needed.
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Doblar la pieza de trabajo

This technology is applicable to a variety of materials, including stainless steel, cold-rolled plate, and aluminum plate, among others.
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Doblar la pieza de trabajo


All movements are powered and regulated by servo motors.
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Cuerpo de hierro fundido

The body is heat-treated in a tempering furnace.
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Doblar la pieza de trabajo

Componentes eléctricos

Imported electrical components are utilized to guarantee electrical stability.
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Doblar la pieza de trabajo

Especificaciones técnicas

If you require more detailed specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Mecanismo de alimentaciónTipo de brazo de prensaTipo de brazo de prensaTipo de brazo de prensa
Estructura de la mesa de trabajoCepilloCepilloCepillo
Precisión mínima del sistema0,001 mm0,001 mm0,001 mm
Mayor velocidad de plegado0,2S/curva0,2S/curva0,2S/curva
Velocidad máxima de alimentación90 m/min90 m/min90 m/min
Anchura máxima de la curva1400mm2000mm2500mm
Tamaño máximo de flexiónL1400mm × An1400mmL2000mm × An1250mmLargo 2500 mm × Ancho 1250 mm
Altura máxima de flexión170mm170mm170mm
Altura mínima de flexión3 mm3 mm3 mm
Radio de arco mínimo0,5 mm0,5 mm0,5 mm
Tensión nominal380V380V380V
Potencia total del motor38KW77KW77KW
Potencia media~1,8 KW~2,5 KW~2,8 KW
Dimensiones generalesL440cm × An190cm XAl290cmL510cm × An265cm XAl330cmL565cm × W300cm XH340cm
Peso total~12T~16T~19T
Entorno operativo del usuarioWin7, Win10, Win11Win7, Win10, Win11Win7, Win10, Win11
Espesor máximo de flexiónUTS 520N/mm2 304S.S 1.2mmUTS 520N/mm2 304S.S 1.5mmUTS 520N/mm2 304S.S 1.2mm
Espesor máximo de flexiónUTS 410N/mm2 M.S 1.5mmUTS 410N/mm2 M.S 2.0mmUTS 410N/mm2 M.S 1.5mm
Espesor máximo de flexiónUTS 265N/mm2 Al. 2.0mmUTS 515N/mm2 Al. 3.0mmUTS 265N/mm2 Al. 2.0mm
Espesor mínimo de flexión0,35mm0,35mm0,35mm
Dimensión interna mínima del cuadrilátero que forma140mmx190mm140mmx190mm140mmx190mm
Dimensión interna mínima de la conformación bilateral140 mm140 mm140 mm
Ángulo de flexión0-180°0-180°0-180°
Número de ejes151515
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