Sistema Flexible de Corte por Láser FMS

Sistema Flexible de Corte por Láser

Our FMC system has undergone an expansion with the addition of a multi-layer material warehouse system. This enhancement allows us to carry out batch processing of plates with different specifications and types, while ensuring seamless communication and data sharing with our production management system. Furthermore, we provide customizable sorting systems that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your workpiece.


To gain further insight into the specifics, please view the video provided below.

Almacén de unidades + dispositivo de alimentación

Our new intelligent 3D sheet material warehouse unit consists of a material warehouse, stacker, discharge platform, and peripheral safety protection devices. The system is customizable to meet the requirements of various material warehouse locations and trolley discharge modes, ensuring optimal functionality for your specific needs.
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Dispositivo automático de carga y descarga tipo pórtico

Our CNC system automatically adjusts the lifting compensation of the worktable based on the current state of the bending process for the sheet. This feature ensures that the entire length of the workpiece attains a uniform and consistent angle.
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Controlador CNC
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