Press Brake Tooling Clamping System

Double Sided Quick Clamp

ADH CNC press brake use all raw material is provided by qualified suppliers and chemical composition corresponds to international standards.Therefore, raw material yield and tensile strength are guaranteed and are standardized with a 8.4 x 3.5 mm safety groove, which keeps the tool from falling out.
Safe and fast tool change
Can be used without modifying Europe type punches
Front clamp - vertical tool change
Rear clamp - horizontal tool change
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Double Sided Quick Clamp

Wilson Pneumatic Clamping

This innovative fast clamping system can satisfy any needs,the Express Air clamping reduces press brake setup time and therefore it represents the best choice for users that frequently change punches on their press brakes for sale.
Fast vertical tool change for all Europe type punches
Safe and fast tool change
Substantial improvement in time consumption and related costs
Secure against tool falling down
Available in manual, pneumatic and hydraulic models
Easy to mount on your press brake.
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Wilson Pneumatic Clamping

Wila Hydraulic Clamping System

The Wila’s ‘New Standard’ Tooling System has become market leader for precision, quality and flexibility for the ADH hydraulic press brakes for sale, the WILA’s state-of-the-art clamp system
Long service life :>10 years
Quick clamping for WILA style tooling
Simple push-button loading
Fast and safe tool changes:Reduce 80% time
High-precision bending angle and flange edge
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DELEM DA58T Color 2D graphical CNC System
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