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Thank to ADH worldwide service, we will support you wherever you are. 

Our worldwide service network consists of almost 15 subsidiaries and dealers that cover different areas and provide technical support, training, service intervention and spare parts.

We have technician and engineers allocated worldwide for quick responses when service is needed. Our close-meshed service network means that there is support near to you. In addition, telephone analysts can help solve problems over the phone. 

Press Brake and laser cutting machine service can also be carried out by virtual service over a high-speed internet connection, so a service person can view your machine function in real time to assist with troubleshooting efforts. The fast analysis of faults increases your machine availability.

Quick and professional

A team of engineers, with skills on all technologies and their applications, is always ready to support you fast and accurately; thanks to remote connection, all critical issues can be managed efficiently.


Wherever you are one of our 15 service centers is available for you and will satisfy your needs. Your satisfaction is our target.

Service intervention

If it is necessary to replace a spare part of machine, very soon a service engineers will be at your plant to restart the production of your machine. Our purpose is to intervene directly and speedily for maximizing uptime and manufacturing efficiency.

Tech support escalation/Strong factory tech support

For extremely complex cases, ADH set up the "tech support escalation" that involves immediaely the most proper skilled team to get the best solution in the shortest possible time. Your satisfaction is our target.
Machine Repair and Adjustment
Machine Installation Supervision
Installation and Commissioning
Retrofits and Repairs
Inspection and Maintenance
Operator and Application Training
Product start-up support
Support Hot-line and Virtual Service
Punch and Shear Machines team
Fiber laser cutting Machines team
Press Brake Machines team
Systems and Automations team
Laser source team
Software and CAD CAM teams
Application teams

Preventive Maintenance

ADH’s machines are designed to operate reliably and deliver total productivity over many years. However, the protracted and protracted operation of the machinery requires proper maintenance and service. And who is more qualified to carry out this work? Technicians trained and authorized by ADH.

Through ADH’s preventive maintenance program, a service technician will visit your factory for the contracted period. You can choose the periodicity that best suits your needs or we can recommend the ideal time frame for maintenance and keep your machines running efficiently.

ADH’s preventive maintenance program offers a superior standard of service. This is the smartest way to defend and protect your productivity. 
Improved performance through properly adjusted and calibrated machines
Maintenance according to factory specifications
Reliable, qualified and experienced technicians who know the equipment
Discounts on spare parts
Priority in emergency services calls
Virtual Service for half the price as part of the preventive maintenance
Trainings, operational recycling and software with special conditions

Machine upgrades

A modern sheet metal working machine can be upgraded with new features and functions during its long lifetime. ADH’s modular engineering philosophy allows many solutions for improving the performance and versatility and for increasing the automation level and so the upgrading of a machine or manufacturing systems even years after the original installation (every case has to be analyzed). 

When new capabilities are added to the production technology already in use, it can cope with even more diversified production tasks and offer increased productivity. 

The planning and fulfilling of these possibilities is an essential part of ADH machines services.
Updating machine to latest generation
Increasing productivity
Enhancing features
Industry 4.0 (Smart manufacturing)
Extended lifetime

Spare Parts And Consunables

Ensure optimum productivity for your systems by using original spare parts and consumables. We have current spare parts and consumables available for you with fast delivery. Take one of our special agreements where we guarantee best prices for our customers.

You can rely on our well-trained-teams to give you professional repairs of components like gear boxes, torch suspensions, bevel heads, controllers and circuit boards.

Occasionally you even need a spare part for our durable machines to retain their outreaching potential. Our spare parts have the same high quality as the machines itself and are optimized for long-lasting performance. Using spare parts gives you the guarantee of the fastest possible delivery, to reduce your downtime and increase your profit.

In our Parts Department you will find a large stock of parts with most items in stock at all times. 97% of orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. To minimize any downtime, our Parts Department will ship same day by air.
Order parts online.
Consumable contracts
Technical clarification
Repair of components.
Fast delivery.

Trainings And Process Optimization

The innovative and high standards of the technology in our machines open new possibilities for you to meet the highest demands for quality and productivity in your company. Even the best machine produces more efficiently when operated by skilled staff. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you use your machines and equipment in the best way to suit your requirements.

All our instructors have long experience in the field of bending and cutting machines and have an answer on every question regarding metal cutting & bending. In addition to the general information they will give you a lot of hints and show you how to obtain the best results even for the toughest cutting tasks. Our specialists transmit to the course participants in a practical manner all the knowledge and expertise to work with our plants, equipment and software. You gain knowledge they need to make the best use of the many faceted possibilities.

Visit our training facilities or train your staff on your site. Our instructors can show your operators on your machine how to bend and cut in the most efficient way. And whether new or old ESA / Cybelec or DELEM CNC control, we can help with user guidance or more extensive training.
ADH Training


Concentration of technical know-how into a comprehensive training
Documentation of our technical expertise and its implementation in practical training documentation
Technically and pedagogically trained
Long term experienced trainers
Practical courses with hands on
Exchange of expertise with other participants
Secure use of systems
Less unproductive work time after training
Motivated personnel

Software Support

Software Support
We offer you the complete range of the most modern CAD/CAM support: from telephone hotline and remote support through update and extension programmes right up to workshops and expert dialogs.

Software is an essential part of ADH machines. In a constantly changing tech landscape, software requires regular maintenance and adjustments to business requirements over time. As a result, ADH is dedicated to continuously improving machine PC software as well as factory and office software solutions according to the latest trending technologies.

Included in the Care benefits

Remote Service Support up to 12/5 for CAD/CAM, System software version and offline software
Immediate working on reported software problems for business critical areas of application
Guaranteed availability of product specialists within the agreed reaction time
Phone support
Remote desktop support
Service request upload
Bug fixes
Critical Issue solving / hot fixes
Perfective updates / new features in CAM & Tulus software*
Software updates by ADH
Access to our ADH organised expert teams with Workshops, Dialogs and experience exchange programmes

Sentry Service And Warranty Extensions

Our philosophy is to monitor machine condition in order to save your time and money. The list of maintenance tasks is updated using the information we collect from the machine base.

ADH machines are designed to provide many years of reliable service. However, long term profitable machine operation requires proper maintenance and service.

All our service agreements allow customers to rely on maintenance performed according to latest information. This will make the total cost of ownership most economical.

A service agreement is the preferred way to take care of the machine life cycle. It is the best way to ensure that the maintenance program of the machine is followed and the risk of an unscheduled production stop is minimized.

Factory Trained Service Engineers Will

Perform Calibrations.
Perform Tune-ups.
Perform Alignments.
Inspect Machine Components.
Recommend Maintenance.
Identify Needed Parts
Observe & Verify Proper Machine Operation
Identify Impending Failure

The Advantages of ADH's Service Agreement

Discounted fee on labour
Technical support free of charge
Priority on service interventions
Discounted fees on all spare parts
Updated action list for maintenances
OEM preventive maintenance program
Free technical support during office hours
Professional alignment tooling and methods
Original spare parts with 6 months warranty
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