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May 16, 2022
Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers in 2022

Press brake is a machine used for sheet metal bending. Press brake is mainly used in the stamping of metal products, construction industry, automobile industry, aerospace, and other fields. With the continuous growth of global demand for metal products, press brake manufacturing is also booming. Many manufacturers or purchasing agents in related industries hope to […]

May 16, 2022
How To Select The Right Toolings (Punches & Dies) for A Press Brake?

The toolings of the press brake are divided into two parts. The toolings installed on the top of the ram are called punches, and the bottom toolings on the workbench are called dies. The two parts work together on the metal plate to complete the bending of the workpiece. The process that which the punch […]

May 10, 2022
What Is Press Brake Tonnage?

The press brakes process the sheet metal by applying force to the punches and dies. Press brake tonnage stands for the maximum bending force or bending capacity of the press brake during bending materials. When selecting a press brake, the most important thing is to determine the size of the press brake according to the […]

May 7, 2022
What Is the K Factor, Bend Allowance, and Bend Deduction?

K factor, bend allowance, and bend deduction are important values used to calculate the correct sheet metal flat length or flat pattern. The length of the sheet in the bending state is different from the length of the flat pattern. Because the sheet metal will stretch and compress during bending. In this article, we will […]

May 7, 2022
What Is Press Brake Crowning?

What Is Crowning and Why Is It Important? In the process of bending, the oil cylinder at both ends of the press brake drives the ram to apply pressure to the workpiece for bending. The servo valve above the left and right oil cylinders and the positioning device below the oil cylinders can control the […]

May 7, 2022
What Is Press Brake Bending?

Bending is one of the important procedures in the sheet metal processing industry. It is the process of forming sheet metal into the desired profile by applying force to the workpiece. The bending process is generally performed on the press brake - a mechanical processing tool that is mainly used for sheet metal bending and […]

March 30, 2022
What Is Press Brake: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Is Press Brake? A press brake is a mechanical processing tool that is mainly used for sheet metal bending and forming. The upper tool is usually named punch and the lower tool is called die. Press brake machines utilize matching upper and lower dies to process flat sheets, usually metal sheets, into workpieces of […]

March 29, 2022
New Logo, New Start

After 20 years of development, we have grown into a leader in sheet metal cutting and bending machine tool manufacturing enterprises. In the past, we have been constantly updating our product technology, enterprise management and operation mode. It is precisely because of these measures that we have become the top five enterprises in China in […]

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