Tube Laser Cutting Machine

ULT Tube Laser Cutting Machine

FPC2060 is a specialized laser machine for cutting tubes, which adopts the newest structure design, able to cut faster with high precision and stability. Duel pneumatic drive, four long-route claw clamps, which realize fast loading and change of tubes.


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Mechanical Bed

The bed is welded with steel of more than 8mm;
The whole frame is annealed at high temperature, shot blasted at high speed, and stress relief technology is applied to effectively avoid bed deformation and ensure no deformation after 20 years of use.
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Mechanical Bed

Laser Source

The brand of our fiber laser source including Raycus (China), Max (China), n-Light (USA), IPG (Germany), with the power from 500W to 20,000W.
Constant BPP in full power range, good beam quality, small spot, more than 30% electro-optic conversion efficiency;
Modular "plug and play" design, compact and firm structure, convenient installation.
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Laser Source

Cutting Head

The auto focusing laser cutting head can adjust the focus according to the material thickness.
It is suitable for multi focus section, shorten the cutting time and improve the cutting quality.
The anti-collision protection structure of the cutting head is patented, and the waste cutting micro connection prevents the plate from warping, so as to realize the high-speed operation and high stability during cutting.
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Cutting Head

Control System

Cypcut cutting software, China's cutting software specially designed for fiber laser cutting machine.
It has the advantages of convenient installation, simple debugging and excellent performance, and supports the speed adjustment with power.
It can set the import linear speed separately and has a powerful cutting process database.
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Control System

Pneumatic Chuck

Visual chuck: fully automatic double pneumatic chuck, full stroke clamping within 15-220mm, no need to replace the claw.
Single claw has large thrust and strong bearing capacity. High rigidity to avoid material falling off of L-shaped claw.
The rear chuck can extend into the front chuck, with less processing surplus.
360mm diameter chuck can be customized.
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Pneumatic Chuck

Other Components

In order to ensure the quality of the machine, we all use well-known brand accessories.
Pneumatic Chuck

Oversized Front Chuck

It is specially designed to support large-diameter pipes and tubes.
Front & Rear Auxiliary Support

Front & Rear Auxiliary Support

Used to support long pipes and tubes.
Automatic Loading Device

Automatic Loading Device

It can realize the automatic loading of pipes and tubes.

Technical Specifications

If you want to know more detailed parameters, please contact us.
Pipe DimensionsDiameter: 20mm-200mm
Length: 6m/9m (320mm Optional)
Tube CategoryRound,Square,Oval,Rectangular,Triangle,ect.
Laser Power1000W-3000W
Max. Acceleration0.8G
Rotary Speed80r/min
Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm/m
Repositioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Total WeightOver 13T
Total Power Consumption18.3KVA-41KVA
Power Supply380V50Hz/380V60Hz/220V60Hz
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