Tube Laser Cutting Machine

FPC Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The FPC2060 is a cutting-edge laser machine designed for precision tube cutting. Its innovative structural design enables it to achieve high-speed cutting while maintaining exceptional precision and stability. This advanced machine features dual pneumatic drive and four long-route claw clamps, allowing for rapid loading and tube changes. With these cutting-edge features, the FPC2060 is an ideal choice for sheet metal fabrication and other precision manufacturing applications.


Please watch the video below to gain a more comprehensive understanding of tube laser cutting.

Mechanical Bed

The bed has been fabricated using welded steel that is more than 8mm in thickness.
The entire frame undergoes high-temperature annealing, followed by high-speed shot blasting and stress-relief techniques to effectively prevent bed deformation and ensure that the bed remains deformation-free even after 20 years of use.
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Mechanical Bed

Laser Source

Our fiber laser sources are from renowned brands such as Raycus (China), nLight (USA), and IPG (Germany), with power ranging from 500W to 20,000W.
Our fiber laser sources offer constant BPP throughout the full power range, ensuring good beam quality with a small spot size. Additionally, our lasers have an electro-optic conversion efficiency of more than 30%.
Our fiber laser sources feature a modular "plug-and-play" design that offers a compact and sturdy structure, making installation convenient and hassle-free.
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Laser Source

Cutting Head

Our auto-focusing laser cutting head is capable of adjusting the focus according to the material thickness, ensuring precise and efficient cutting.
It is suitable for multi-focus sections, which significantly reduces cutting time and improves overall cutting quality.
Our cutting head features a patented anti-collision protection structure, and waste cutting micro-connections that prevent plate warping, allowing for high-speed and stable operation during cutting.
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Cutting Head

Control System

Our fiber laser cutting machines come equipped with Cypcut cutting software, which is a specially designed cutting software from China for fiber laser cutting machines.
Cypcut cutting software offers convenient installation, simple debugging, and excellent performance. It also supports speed adjustment with power, providing added flexibility and control during the cutting process.
The software allows for separate import linear speed settings and features a powerful cutting process database, providing greater customization and precision in the cutting process.
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Control System

Pneumatic Chuck

The visual chuck features a fully automatic double pneumatic chuck capable of full-stroke clamping within 15-220mm, eliminating the need for claw replacements.
The single claw design features high thrust and strong bearing capacity, while also maintaining a high rigidity to prevent material from falling off the L-shaped claw.
The rear chuck is capable of extending into the front chuck, resulting in less processing surplus and improved efficiency.
We offer the option to customize a 360mm diameter chuck to suit your specific needs.
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Pneumatic Chuck

Oversized Front Chuck

The chuck is specially designed to support large-diameter pipes and tubes, providing added versatility and efficiency in the cutting process.
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Pneumatic Chuck

Front & Rear Auxiliary Support

Used to support long pipes and tubes during the cutting process.
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Pneumatic Chuck

Automatic Loading Device

The automatic loading device facilitates the automated loading of pipes and tubes.
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Pneumatic Chuck

Technical Specifications

If you require more detailed parameters, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Pipe DimensionsDiameter: 20mm-200mm
Length: 6m/9m (320mm Optional)
Tube CategoryRound,Square,Oval,Rectangular,Triangle,ect.
Laser Power1000W-6000W
Max. Acceleration0.8G
Rotary Speed80r/min
Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Repositioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Total WeightOver 13T
Total Power Consumption18.3KVA-41KVA
Power Supply380V50Hz/380V60Hz/220V60Hz

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