Sucked Type Panel Bender

PB-S Sucked Type Panel Bender (9-axis)

Breaking through the technical blockade of Savanini, we finally produced the first panel bender belonging to us, and the price is only about one tenth.


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Servo Electric Drive

Servo electric panel bender is a fast and accurate non-hydraulic bending solution to ensure productivity, accuracy, repeatability and reliability.
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Panel Bender


Adopt suction cup design, which is fast and efficient.
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Controller Station

The control system realizes the real nine-axis (11 axis) linkage at the same time, with stable bending movement and strong mechanical operation coordination.
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Controller Station


Without making molds, complex shapes can be designed and produced at any time (right angle, non right angle, etc., folded up or down).
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Bending Workpiece

Applicable to a variety of materials, mainly stainless steel, cold-rolled plate and aluminum plate.
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Bending Workpiece

Servo Motor

All movements are controlled by servo motors.
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Bending Workpiece

Cast Iron Body

The body is tempered in a tempering furnace.
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Bending Workpiece

Electrical Components

Imported electrical components are used to ensure electrical stability.
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Bending Workpiece

Technical Specifications

If you want to know more detailed parameters, please contact us.
Feed mechanismSucked typeSucked type
Worktable structureBrushBrush
Min system accuracy0.001mm0.001mm
Fastest bending speed0.2S/bend0.2S/bend
Max feeding speed90m/min90m/min
Max bend width1000mm1400mm
Max bending sizeL1000mm × W1000mmL1400mm × W1400mm
Max bending height170mm170mm
Min bending height3mm3mm
Min arc radius0.5mm0.5mm
Rated voltage380V380V
Total motor power25KW34KW
Average power~1.1KW~1.5KW
Overall dimensionsL285cm × W150cm × H280cmL365cm × W190cm × H290cm
Total weight~7T~10T
User operating environmentWin7, Win10, Win11Win7, Win10, Win11
Max bending thicknessUTS 520N/mm2 304S.S 1.0mmUTS 520N/mm2 304S.S 1.0mm
Max bending thicknessUTS 410N/mm2 M.S 1.2mmUTS 410N/mm2 M.S 1.2mm
Max bending thicknessUTS 265N/mm2 Al. 1.6mmUTS 265N/mm2 Al. 1.6mm
Min bending thickness0.35mm0.35mm
Min internal dimension of quadrilateral forming140mmx210mm~140mmx210mm
Min internal dimension of bilateral forming140mm~140mm
Bending angle0-180°0-180°
Number of axis99
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