Troubleshooting of Shearing Machine

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Adjust the level of the shearing machine.

Fill the hydraulic oil, open the oil tank cover to clear the sundries in the oil tank and filter screen, and then fill the hydraulic oil. Fill the hydraulic oil of different models according to the different regions.

Turn on the power, check whether the power indicator is powered, turn on all emergency stop switches, start the oil pump button, and check whether the motor is rotating in the right direction.

The pressure of the machine tool is 25Mpa. Adjust the pressure of the machine according to the thickness of the plate.

Add lubricating oil according to the position indicated on the label of the machine.


Oil circuit

When the machine suddenly stops working, and the blade does not go up or down.

At this time, check the machine circuit and oil circuit (solenoid valve) foot switch.

If the circuit fault is eliminated, disassemble the solenoid valve for cleaning.

Back Gauge

The two ends of the plate after shearing are inconsistent. At this time, check the back gauge connecting rod,

whether the screws fall off and whether the synchronous belt slips.

Adjust the screw of the back gauge guiding rule to make the size of both ends within the allowable error range.

The size of the cut material is different from the value displayed on the display.

At this time, check whether the encoder that connects the flexible shaft is torn or whether the screws are loose.

In case of breakage, replace the connecting flexible shaft, and then calibrate the value of the back gauge.


The machine is noisy during operation. Please check the motor oil pump for noise.

The noise of the oil cylinder and return cylinder.

When the machine runs with a "squeak", check whether the return cylinder ball head is short of oil and the cylinder ball head is short of oil.

The machine tool has no force in the pressing cylinder, so nitrogen should be added at 6-8 MPa.

Adjustment of Blade Edge Clearance

In the process of work, if the blade edge is found to be blunt or the blade edge is not fast, the blade should be turned over in time or the blade should be replaced.

When adjusting the blade edge, first adjust the blade edge clearance to the maximum, and then step down to close the ball valve.

At this time, the upper blade and the lower blade are on the same plane, and then use a feeler gauge to measure the gap between the blade edges.

Adjust the gap between the blade edges through the blade adjusting screws on the workbench.


The debugging and troubleshooting of the shearing machine involve the inspection of the oil cylinder, oil circuit and back gauge.

It also includes problems such as noise and adjustment of blade clearance of the shearing machine.

The quality of the shearing machine also affects the cost of repair and maintenance.

If you choose ADH’s shearing machine, you can save time and money, and you can also get high-quality after-sales service.

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What Is Shearing Mchine?

Plate shearing machine is a machine used to cut metal plates into sheets or strips.

The shearing machine has a movable upper blade and a fixed lower blade.

Driven by the power device, the upper and lower blades cut the metal plates at a certain gap.

The commonly used shearing machine is mainly hydraulic swing beam shearing machine and guillotine shearing machine.

The type of blade of the shearing machine is different, and the type of material to be sheared is also different.

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