Environment Care

Lower Noise

A new generation of hybrid oil and electricity technology, energy conservation and emission reduction, high efficiency and low heat, and greatly reduce the working noise;
Silent when waiting for speed and fast speed (about 25 dB), low noise during bending and return (the pressure in the hydraulic system is controlled by the closed-loop control of the main servo motor);
Adopt imported brand motor and oil pump, with strong power;
When the ram is idle, fast moving, pressure maintaining and return, the noise is significantly reduced, which is more than 30% lower than others, and the operation is more stable at the same time;
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CNC Controller

Power Saving

The servo motor drives the oil pump to rotate forward and backward. The flow and pressure are automatically controlled by the oil pump and servo motor without overflow control. There is zero power consumption during waiting between processes.
The power consumption of the motor is determined by the load. The long-term use saves electric energy significantly, which is more than 60% energy-saving than the conventional electro-hydraulic machine;
The working pressure and flow of the hydraulic system are controlled by the servo motor in real time, and the power consumption (intuitive phenomenon is power consumption) is only 50-60% of the original proportional servo system.
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Hydraulic Valve

Two-layers of Paint

The outer surface of the machine is painted with two layers of paint at least 60 microns in thickness to protect against weather conditions;
Paint drying is done gradually in different time and temperature ranges in state-of-the-art ovens;
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