Optical Safety Arrangements

Italy DSP Laser Protection

If you prioritize safety at a high level, it will be imperative to incorporate DSP® laser protection.

Main technical features

Laser protection, Multi beam Receiver
Pretective areas, Front, center and rear.
The safety level is CAT.4 and SIL3
Detection Case protection degree: IP 65
Laser classification: class 1 M
Response time: 5 ms
Operating temperature 0°C 50°C
Mounted on the upper beam
Change Speed Point : 5mm + Stopping Space
The maximum protective distance is up to 15M
LED indicators show various states

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Italy DSP Laser Protection

Perfect Combination of High

Perfect combination

S. S. + 5mm

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram


The DSP LASER AP safety device is a visible laser barrier designed to protect press brake operators from being crushed between the upper and lower tools when the press is rapidly closing. It meets the safety standards set forth in EN12622. The device comprises a transmitter (TX) that emits the laser and a receiver (RX) that detects it and processes the received signals using the MCS module. The MCS module can manage a large number of signals and perform various machine functions.

Main technical features

Laser protection, Multi beam Receiver
Pretective areas, Front, center and rear.
The safety level is CAT.4 and SIL3
Detection Case protection degree: IP 65
Laser classification: class 1 M
Response time: 5 ms
Operating temperature 0°C 50°C
Mounted on the upper beam
Box Mode Function
Overrun Distance Test (automatic)
High Speed Control
Low Speed Control
Automuting in Low Speed
Direction Control
Change Speed Point: 2mm
Up to 2 Pedals Control with Antipanic
Side Repairs Control
Back Repair Control
Back Gauge driving
Automatic tools block
Emergency Control
Valve direct driving
Valve Monitoring
CNC interface
Hemming Control
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Italy DSP Laser Protection
Safety Area = 20mm
Circuit diagram


Brackets are mandatory safety devices that enable proper installation of injury-preventing photocells on press brakes. We offer brackets with varying running strokes to meet your specific needs upon request.

Technical Features

Aluminum structure,strong and stability
Easy to install,Multi-directional adjustable
Equipped with scale,Adjust according to the
height of the punch
Practical,fast and competitive price

Automatic Brackets Advantage

They can be managed using CNC and Barcode Scanner Reader technology, offering various benefits:

Immediate adjustment
Available in different formats
Great range of displacement
Suitable for any type of machine

Optical Safety System - Advanced

The ADH® CNC press brake incorporates OEM EMBEDDED LAZERSAFE, providing a superior solution for enhancing operator safety and machine productivity. Lazer Safe's PCSS A Service is designed to work seamlessly with the press brake, and the Lazersafe system is compliant with Category 4 safety requirements and meets the most stringent international safety standards. Additionally, the system includes a CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated features.


Lazersafe-PCSS A0 LZS-XL
Lazersafe-PCSS IRIS
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DELEM DA53T Touch Color CNC System

Bend Speed Management (BSM)

Both the IRIS and IRIS Plus models are combination systems that offer high-performance optical protection during high-speed tool closing. Once the bending process commences, image processing functions take over. These systems capture and process images in real-time and transfer live data to the CNC system via SmartLink. The image processing system is fully integrated within the IRIS and IRIS Plus receivers, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software.

The European press brake standard EN12622 limits bending speed to 10mm/s to ensure a basic level of operator safety by regulating the speed at which material facing towards the operator moves during bending.

However, the machinery directive and EN12622 have provisions for faster bending speeds with wider V dies, as long as certain operations can be adequately monitored. In the CNC system, manufacturers can set faster bend speeds for wider V dies, and the Bend Speed Management process automatically monitors the material's speed as it moves through its bending arc, facilitating a safe condition for faster bending.

Automatic Tool Alignment

Systems with camera receivers offer automatic tool alignment, eliminating the need for precise manual adjustments. This process can be fully automated in the CNC via SmartLink, which eliminates the need for the operator to press the TOOL ALIGN button.
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Automatic Tool Alignment

Certification And Standards Compliance

The OEM Embedded Systems LZS Series and IRIS Series hardware and software are CE Certified and comply with all international press brake safety standards, including EN12622, ANSI B11.3-2012, CSA Z142-10, and NR12.
DELEM DA58T Color 2D graphical CNC System

Press Brake Control Safety System - Advanced

The PCSS-A is a programmable safety controller that enhances both the performance and safety of press brakes. It provides press brake manufacturers with flexibility and streamlines the design process by integrating all control, safety, and monitoring functions into a single system, eliminating the need for complex integration of third-party components and software. The PCSS-A delivers an optimal balance of functionality and performance with reduced build costs. This provides an efficient and cost-effective platform with fewer components, reduced wiring, a simplified interface, and CE Certified hardware and software to minimize engineering and build time.
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Automatic Tool Alignment

Technical Specifications

Safety controllers
Safety inputs12121616
Safety outputs4466
Standard inputs24242828
Standard outputs661010
Linear encoder I/O1, Y1 or Y22, both Y1 and Y22, both Y1 and Y22, both Y1 and Y2
Minimum encoder resolution0.1 micron0.1 micron0.1 micron0.1 micron
Speed capacity of the encoder counters>300mm per second> 300mm per second> 300mm per second> 300mm per second
Response time (hardware interrupts)<1ms<1ms<1ms<1ms
SD Card (back-up, data logging and high-speed software transfer)---
CAN Open---
Dimensions229mm x 189mm x 45mm229mm x 189mm x 45mm229mm x 189mm x 45mm229mm x 189mm x 57mm
Expansion Options
Tandem Adaptor--
SmartLink Brackets--
Wireless Foot Pedal--
Optics Compatibility
IRIS / IRIS Plus--
Third party light curtain support
Dual guarding support
Optical protection
Optical protection functions
Optical imaging functions---
Laser transmitterCLASS 1CLASS 1CLASS 1CLASS 1CLASS 1
Receiver typeMulti-sensor photocellMulti-sensor photocellCameraCamera with integrated Intel? image processorCamera with integrated high-speed Intel? image processor
Maximum recommended optical range8 metres8 metres15 metres8 metres4.5 metres
Minimum object detection resolution4mm4mm9mm2mm2mm
Connector typeM12 8 pinM12 8 pinM12 12 pinM12 12 pinM12 12 pin
Tool compatibilityV tools and non-standard toolsV tools and non-standard toolsV tools and non-standard toolsV tools and non-standard toolsV tools and non-standard tools
Integrated status LEDs
Special Functions
Automatic tool alignment---
Automatic alignment confirmation----
Special tools mode---
Soft stop mode---
Fast flattening mode---
Automatic Cycle Start (ACS)---
Bend Speed Management (BSM)---
Adaptive Environment Sensing (AES)--
RapidBend Ultimate---
Performance // Minimum speed change point
Flat sheet bending8mm4mm3mm / 10mm0mm0mm
Box bending8mm4mm3mm / 10mm0mm0mm
PCSS-A Series Compatibility
PCSS-A0 / PCSS-A0 Plus---
PCSS-A Tandem Adaptor--?--
Mounting Bracket Compatibility
Economy Brackets---
Standard Brackets
SmartLink Brackets---
Optical imaging
Optical protection functions
Optical imaging functions
Maximum recommended optical range8 metres4.5 metres
Optical sensor
CameraDigital Image SensorDigital Image Sensor
Frame rate / frequency17ms / 59HzSelectable 5ms / 200Hz or 10ms / 100Hz
Data resolution (sensor)-0.01 degrees
Measurement technology
TypeIntegratedIntegrated high-speed Intel? image processor
Intel? image processor
Memory depth-Records up to 10 seconds (2000 images) of bend data per cycle
Measurement accuracy-Up to +/- 0.25 degrees
Measurement rate synchronised with frame rate-Selectable 5ms / 200Hz or 10ms / 100Hz
Imaging technology
Bend Speed Management
Mounting brackets
Vertical bracket length700mm520mm / 700mm / 1000mm700mm
Vertical adjustment range488mm350mm / 530mm / 830mm500mm
Horizontal adjustment range40mm40mm40mm
Maximum recommended machine length4 metres15 metres6 metres
Main Features
Precision linear bearings and rails-
Free sliding operation-
Automatic motorised drive system--
Maximum speed of the motorised drive systemNANA20mm/s
Adjustable locking handleNA
Tool change lock-ManualAutomatic
Optics Compatibility

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