Press Brake Accident Explained: Causes, Solutions, Etc.

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Publish Date: October 10, 2023

I. Introduction

The press brake is a paramount metal forming device, which is used for bending and forming the metal sheet.

It is widely used in the metal fabrication industry.

There is no doubt that it is vital in manufacturing industries because it can provide various types of precise metal components and assembly.

It seems like the press brake operation is simple.

In fact, it involves a series of intricate process procedures and technical requirements, thus skilled operators are needed to ensure the production of high-quality goods.

Meanwhile, owing to the large pressing power produced during the working process, dangerous accidents are easier to occur.

For example, during the process of replacing the die, the operator could be hurt by the misoperation of the pressure rod.

High-speed movement of metal wire can cause clamping risks during the bending process.

Also, the failure of the circuit could lead to an uncontrollable sudden start.

There are certain dangerous factors exist during the different procedures in press brake operation.

This means that the safety of the press brake operation is paramount.

Our passage mainly discusses the press brake operation, dangers, accident impacts, safety measurements, etc., I hope it would be beneficial for you to operate the machine.

II. The Nature of Press Brake Operations

press brake

Basic understanding of press brake machinery

The press brake is mainly composed of a pressing system and a tooling system.

The pressing system includes assemblies like hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic oil supply, pistons, valves, pipes, etc.

The pressing system transforms the hydraulic oil into mechanical power through the hydraulic cylinder, pushing the upper punch downwards and exerting the pressure on the metal sheets, thus bending operation can be done.

The tooling system is a combination of press brake upper punch and bottom die, which is used for supporting and shaping metal sheets and making them into the shape and angle required.

The upper punch determines the product’s bending angle, and the bottom die is used for supporting.

Two of them define the accurate bending angle of the metal bending.

Press brake operation requires precise parameter settings, including bending angle, bending radium, pressure force, bending speed, and so on.

The correct setting of these parameters is determined by required component specification, and experienced operators to control and adjust.

Besides, the press brake needs proper dies and tools to adjust the different shapes of the workpiece.

Through changing the dies, various shapes and sizes of metal parts can be produced.

Common tasks and procedures involved

Workpiece preparation: the operator should prepare the workpiece in advance to make sure it fits the requirements for size and flatness. The workpiece is usually positioned and clamped on the unloading mechanism.

Parameter setting: the operator sets the press brake parameter according to the specifications and material types of the workpiece. The parameters include bending angle, bending radium, and pressure intensity.

Die replacement: dies and tools on the press brake may need to be replaced to adapt to different needs according to the shape and size of the workpiece.

Safety check: before starting the press brake, the operator should check the machine to ensure all the safety devices and emergent devices working properly.

Operation and control: once the preparation is done, the operator starts the machine, makes it descend, and exerts pressure to make the metal sheet bent to the required angle.

Unloading: the finished products should be unloaded, and the middleware should be removed.

Check and wrapping: after finishing the bending, the operator should check the quality of the workpiece to ensure it fits the specifications.

III. Dangers of Press Brakes

Strong power

The press brake needs strong power to bend solid metal material. If it is dealt with improperly, the operator could be clamped and squeezed by the machine.

Sharp metal edge

Because the metal sheet usually features sharp edges, it may lead to cuts and stabbings. Besides, the slices and small metals will be immersed in the air, which could lead to blindness and cuts. Additionally, the metal will be heated during the metal fabrication, which will result in cuts and burns to the skin.

Muscle strains and back injuries

In metal spheres, moving the heavy-duty sheet metal and mechanism is a necessary work for workers. If the workers lift, push, or drag the large material or machine improperly or over frequently, they may suffer from neck and back strains and physical stress.

Automatic operation

Some press brakes can be operated automatically. If the operator carelessly puts his hands or body in some dangerous areas, he will suffer from crush and amputation, which are arguably the most horrific and serious injuries in a press brake operation.

Large metal sizes

Handling large metal materials also can bring potential dangers to operators because these materials are not easy to control and are unstable.

Noises and vibration

The noises and vibrations are also common dangers in press brake operation. If the operator is exposed to these occasions for a long time, his health will be influenced.

Refurbished or used press brakes

Purchasing the refurbished or used press brake can indeed save some costs, but it brings extra risks. There is some uncertainty in the operation of the control system and safety device, which also brings unpredictable risks to the operator.

Typical operation procedures

There are also some potential risks in the typical operation procedures. Such as being pinched during positioning. Operators need to know the typical operation procedures because it can help them identify potential risks. The operation usually includes the choice of dies, pressing, and unloading. The operator may be injured in each step.

Reaching around safety devices

Sometimes the operator may reach around the safety device because of some reasons to finish the work quickly. However, it is extremely dangerous to do that because the safety device is designed to protect the safety of operators. Thus, reaching around the safety devices may cause accidents.

IV. Common Causes of Press Brake Accidents

press brake

Human error

Lack of training: the press brake operators should be trained professionally. They must know the working principle of the machine, safety regulations, and how to deal with emergent situations. Operators who lack training are easier to make mistakes, causing the accident risks to increase.

Fatigue and distraction: long-time operation and fatigue states may make operators couldn’t concentrate, thus making mistakes. What’s more, the distraction factors also include phones and chatting.

Unpredictable behavior of operators: every operator’s behavior is unpredictable, sometimes he will reach around the safety device or doesn’t obey the operation procedures. This could increase the risk of accidents.

Machine failure

Equipment failure: the press brake may cause trouble itself, such as hydraulic system failure, electronic control problems mechanical parts damage, metal splashing, or machine parts quick moving. These failures could occur suddenly and cause the equipment to fail to work, and thus accidents could happen.

Wear and aging: long-term use of a machine may cause machine parts to wear and age, which may lead to its performance and safety. Not replacing the abrasive parts timely and maintaining the machine may lead to incidents.

Improper setting and maintenance

Incorrect machine setting: it is vital to set the press brake correctly during machine operation. False settings could lead to unstable operation, and bring risk to operators. The operators and maintenance personnel must ensure each parameter of the machine should be set according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Improper maintenance: maintaining regularly is the key to ensuring the safe operation of the press brake. If the machine is not maintained regularly, there may be some potential risks occur, which may lead to accidents.

V. Impact of Press Brake Accidents

Physical injuries

Accidents may cause operators to be injured. And the injury degree varies, ranging from light cuts to serious injury, amputation, or even death. It is usually severe when the incident occurs.

Financial implications

Medical fees: seriously injured patients need to be treated for a long time in the hospital, and the fees are expensive.

Compensation: the company should be responsible for compensation to employees and their families.

Machine repair: the accident may bring damage to the machine, so the repair fees and tools should be put into it.

Psychological effects on workers

Accident not only endangers life safety but also bring psychological shadows, such as stress disorders, to operators. This could have negative effects on their life and work.

VI. Safety Measures and Precautions

Safety Measures and Precautions

Proper training and certification for operators. It is important to ensure each operator has been trained correctly and has been certificated. They should know the working principle, master the operation techniques, and learn to take measures under emergent occasions.

Regular maintenance and equipment checks. Operators should check each part of the equipment, including the circuit, and mechanical structure, thus eliminating hidden dangers and keeping the machine in good condition.

Importance of safety gear and protective equipment. The operator should wear proper safety equipment and protective equipment, such as a safety cap, protective google, protective gloves, etc., to protect themselves from injury.

Safety protocols during machine setup and operation. Set the standard operation procedures, verify every safety requirement, and decrease risk points.

The role of safety devices: such as photoelectric guards, laser protection systems, light curtains, and more, feature automatic monitoring and cutting functions. Ensuring these safety devices work properly is the key to protecting the operators.

The role of continuous learning and updates on safety protocols. As the technology updates and the relative programs are improved, you need to learn the latest news.

VII. Technological Innovations in Press Brake Safety

Technology advancement in safety: through intelligent approaches, safety monitoring ability can be improved effectively, thus accident risks can be decreased.

Innovation of safety equipment and regulation: the application of new safety equipment such as three-dimensional safety light curtains and infrared scanning. Besides, the safety door can prevent the workers from walking into dangerous areas, thus ensuring the safety of workers. Additionally, the operator can be trained in a safe and virtual environment to improve operating skills and safety awareness via VR and AR technology.

Future trend: machine learning and artificial intelligence can play a paramount role in identifying and preventing hazards, which can achieve “predictive protection” and “zero accident” goals. There also will be more remote monitoring and operation skills to be used to reduce the contact risks between the operator and machine.

VIII. Conclusion

After discussing the press brake accidents’ reasons, precaution measures, and solutions, we need to be aware of the importance of operating the machine safely.

Every operator and business owner is responsible for ensuring the safety of the working area and working efficiency.

We can apparently decrease the rate of accidents through advanced equipment investment, regular maintenance, and overall training.

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press brake accident explained

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